New Student Orientation
Frequently Asked Questions


When do classes begin?
The first official day of classes for most programs is Monday, January 8, 2018

Will there be labs the first week of classes?
No, there will be no labs the first week of classes. Labs will start the second week of classes.

Where can I get a student/library card and my UPASS (bus pass)?

In the Learning Resource Centre (Library) located on the lower level of Kootenay Centre. You must bring proof of registration and/or identification.

Where is the Student Association Office?
The Student Association office is located near the Learning Resource Centre.

Where can I find information on the Student Association Extended Health and Dental Plan?
You can find out more information at or

How can I get a locker?
Register on line at  Lockers are available for $15 per semester, or $20 for both the Fall and Winter Semesters (Sept - April).  There is a $5 refund once you return your lock to the Student Life office.  For more information see the Student Life staff located in the Gym.

How can I get my free email address? (
See the Help Desk or the Library Staff in the Learning Resource Centre (Library-Graphics Lab), or contact the Student Help Desk.

Where can I get a campus map?
At the College of the Rockies main Reception.

Where can I get Financial Aid information?
Visit our Financial Assistance office located at Admissions and Registration.  You can also visit their website:

Where do I go for help?
Our Educational Advisors can help with timetables, advising, transferring, etc. They are located in Student Services behind Registration on the upper level.

Where can I find the phone extension for my instructor?
Either on our website,, or at reception. Please do not call instructors at home, unless requested to by the instructor!

What do I do if I am on a waitlist?
Attend class so you will not be behind if you get in.  You will be notified by email if a seat becomes available.  In order to keep this section you must pay by the fee deadline or within 24 hours of receiving the email, if the tuition fee deadline has passed.  You can pay by VISA or Mastercard via AccessCOTR.

Where can I drop off assignments?
The Student Assignment drop box is located in the mail boxes behind Student Services.

How do I get a copy of my course schedule?
Log into AccessCOTR.  Click on Students menu and select my Class Schedule OR log into myCourses using COTR Ellucian mobile app.

Where can I get information on student jobs?
By viewing the Student Opportunities bulletin board, or by speaking with our Employment Officer in Student Services. You can also visit their website:

Where is the library?
On the lower floor in the Learning Resource Centre which also contains the Graphics Lab, ITV Room, and computer lab.

Are there study rooms available?
Yes, There are 4 study rooms in the Learn Resource Centre. See the staff at the Circulation Desk with your Student ID card to check out a study room

Where can I get photocopies?
At the Learning Resource Centre a photocopy is $0.10 per page, or a copying card can be purchased for $5.00 for 50 copies.

Where can I borrow a lap top, camera, electronic equipment?
The Library has laptops that are available for students, staff and faculty to take out on loan. Other electronic equipment can be signed out upon request

Where can I send faxes from?
At the Learning Resource Centre the following fees apply:

Sending a fax:

  • within Cranbrook $1.00/page
  • toll free 1-800/877 number $1.00/document
  • within Canada and the U.S. $2.00/page
  • international $3.00/page

Receiving a fax:

  • $1.00 per document

Where can I do colour printing?
Learning Resource Centre Graphics Lab has a ink jet printer.

Where are the computers for student use?
Learning Support Centre, the Learning Resource Centre, and Graphics Lab.

Where do I find information about the Student Life activities and weight room?
In the Student Life office, located inside the gymnasium. Talk to our Student Life staff or visit their web site at for more information.