Mountain Adventure Skills Training
Admission Requirements for MAST

A well rounded mix of backcountry trips, tourism courses and classroom time.

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Prior knowledge or ability in a particular mountain sport activity is not necessarily required. Program requirements are as follows:

  1. 19 years or older as of September 4

  2. Secondary School Graduation.
    Minimum 'C' in Communications 12. Applicants who can demonstrate prior industry experience may be admitted as mature students through consultation with the Program Coordinator and/or Education Advisor.

  3. An ability to physically accomplish the tasks required
    The MAST program is physically demanding. Students are required to carry personal overnight supplies and equipment along with technical sport specific year on extended trips over rugged mountain terrain. A physician's report is required from the accepted student indicating the ability to meet the demands and rigors of the MAST program.

  4. An ability to accommodate the MAST out-trip schedule
    Many of the skills development courses require field or out-trips. Several out-trips may run into and through the weekends. Students are given equivalent time off during the week to make up for weekends used for out-trips. The MAST schedule may interfere with any part-time employment.

  5. Medical Insurance
    Students will not be permitted into the program without current medical insurance.

  6. Prospective MAST students must be strong intermediate skiers/boarders, and comfortable swimmers. Please click here for skier ability information. 
  7. Students must sign a general program release and waiver
    Identify assumption of risk and inherent danger of mountain activities before attending any outdoor activity.

  8. Ability to travel to the USA. Students must have a valid passport for travel to Montana for Rock 1 in September.

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